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Helping you become the successful photography business everybody loves!

I can help you become a successful business person that everybody loves. I’ll help you create effective systems for your finances, your accounts, marketing, workflow and everything in between.

Im very excited to be able to share my knowledge and passion for business and photography with anyone who feels they need a guide. Unfortunately, I see many so businesses and individuals not doing as well as they could simply because they need better marketing strategies or better business systems. They are stuck in the day to day, time for money business model that now days just doesn’t work effectively to generate the lifestyle that entrepreneurs desire. If your sick of the rat race, frustrated because you’re living invoice to invoice, have the tax office chasing you and your business you thought would make you thousands just isn’t all that you hoped it could be.


So where do you start?

The first step is to realise that in today’s photography & wedding industries it takes just as much creativity to run a profitable business as it does actually taking the photographs or being the creative genius in your genre. The next step is to acknowledge the fact that, we don’t know it all, we can’t do everything, no one is the best and we can learn something new every minute of every day (even though we think we know it all!)
With that said, your next step is to business and financial freedom by simply clicking on the BUSINESS EXPRESSION SESSION button below. if you click this button and we have the session I can guarantee that you’ll add a zero to your bank account just with this free 30 minute no obligation session.


What we do in your free 30 minutes “Business Expression Session”

> We create a crystal clear vision of what your photography and business outcomes are.
> We will uncover the hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your efforts to achieve your outcomes.
> We will lay out an action plan of immediate steps to take to reduce or eliminate those challenges.
Free Session

Photography Business Coaching

6 & 12 Month Photography Business Coaching Programs

Photography Business Coaching

Photography Business Coaching – The flagship of my education programs.

They are specifically designed for Photography and Film business owners in any genre and can be simply modified to get measurable results in any Wedding Industry related business. These programs are for businesses owners who are committed to creating and sustaining a profitable and successful business.

If you’re the type of person who is hungry for a better lifestyle, more choices and less time being a slave to a business that isn’t making you the income you feel you should be making given your time investment, then your in the right place! I can help you create systems and plan to reach the outcomes you desire and become the successful business everybody loves.

1 on 1 Intensive Photography Business Coaching

A Full Day Of Intensive Photography Business Coaching

Intensive Photography Business Coaching

1 on 1 Intensive Photography Business Coaching – Full Day

Not for the faint hearted! This 1 on 1 intensive session is a full day stacked with the A – Z of not only running a photography business but scaling it so that you earn great money with a lifestyle you love.

We drill into Image critiques, lighting & posing, your marketing materials, pricing, software, outsourcing, sales processes, banking & accounting and we do a full business reboot.

Photography Business Blueprint For Profit & Lifestyle

Get all the details of my Photography Business Blueprint Improve Your Profit & Lifestyle!

Photography Business Coach

Photography Business Blueprint For Profit & Lifestyle

This is serious business! You’ll learn the importance of understanding your finances and the other optics you need to monitor to run a successful and profitable business.

You’ll learn financial reporting methods, outsourcing, sales systems and processes, banking and accounting systems, tax minimisation*, workflow systems and setting up referral programs.

Photography Post Production & Workflow Workshop

An Interactive & Exciting Photography Post Production & Workflow Workshop

Post Production Photography Workshop

Photography/Photoshop Post Production & Workflow Workshop

In this interactive session you’ll learn how to utilise photoshop tools to polish your photos in a clean, creative and effective way that looks completely real and not overworked.

I will share how to capture your photos for the best possible end result in photoshop and in print while giving you ways to streamline your workflow so you’re not a slave to your computer.

Professional Photo Album Design & Sales Workshop

Increase Sales And Profit With My Professional Photo Album Design & Sales Workshop

Photography Album Design

Upsell Your Photography! Professional Photo Album Design & Sales Workshop

You’ll learn the A – Z of creating and selling albums with a no pressure, easy to implement process that will make upgrades simple and add more money to your average sale. I will share with you how to shoot for the album, how to design it, the software to create the design, the sales process, upgrade strategies, who to source your albums from and how to order them.

I will share how to capture your photos for the best possible end result in photoshop and in print while giving you ways to streamline your workflow so you’re not a slave to your computer.

Professional Creative Photography Portraits Workshop

Learn How To Wow Your Clients With My Creative Photography Portraits Workshop

Creative Photography Portraits Workshop

Give Your Portraits The Wow Factor! Creative Photography Portraits Workshop 

Drill into your creative portrait mind using different lighting styles, on and off camera flash, props, distortion lens filters, costumes and much more. Discover the advantage of storyboarding and locating sources of inspiration. Learn the 6 steps to shooting stunning portraits that your customers will want to buy.

Professional Photography Posing & Directing Workshop

Take Yourself To The Next Level – Photography Posing & Directing Workshop

Photography Posing & Directing Workshop

Learn The Secret To Amazing Photographs! Join Me For My Photography Posing & Directing Workshop

Refine your skills and learn new techniques on how to use lighting and directing to shoot photographs you’re clients will love because they look great.

Learn how to confidently pose and direct your clients to amplify their strengths while hiding any of their perceived weaknesses to create stunning natural looking photographs.

Creative Lighting & Shadows Photography Workshop

Lighting Is Everything – Creative Lighting & Shadows Photography Workshop

Creative Lighting & Shadows Photography Workshop

Creative Lighting & Shadows Photography Workshop

Discover or brush up on the fundamentals of lighting with detailed explanations of light and shadows and how they interact to create photographs with depth and dimension.

Learn how to use light and shadow to shape your subject and to amplify or hide elements within the photograph by using and identifying the correct lighting method for your subject.

Light Painting & Night Photography Workshop

Create Unique Images With My Light Painting & Night Photography Workshop

Light Painting & Night Photography Workshop

Learn Light Painting & Night Photography Skills With This Workshop

Learn the skills to create spectacular and creative light painting and night photos using light tubes, sparklers, coloured smoke, light brushes, fibre optic whips and assorted LED items.

I will share camera settings, how to set up the shot, how to light it effectively and finally the procedure to actually get a focussed, sharp and creative photograph.

Photography Workshops & Coaching

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Photography Workshops & Coaching

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