Award Winning Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer

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Award Winning Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer
Award Winning Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer

My name is Ben Connolly, I’m an Award Winning Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer as well as an Internationally Awarded Wedding Photographer, Speaker, Judge and Master of Photography in two countries. I have been named among the Pro Wed World Top 50 Wedding Photographers, Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year Runner Up and now one of the most awarded Wedding Photographers in Australia.

I am a proud Sunshine Coast local and love nothing more than spending time with my little Bulldog and racing Go Karts on the rare weekends that work takes a back seat.

Since 2004 I have worked on almost a thousand beautiful weddings, in some of the most amazing locations, and I love creating something unique and magical at every single wedding. To many photographers, what they do is just a job, but to me it’s a passion and a means to really bring creativity to my life. I personally photograph up to 50 weddings a year with a style of photography that’s been described as creative, epic, timeless and unique while also pushing the boundaries of creative lighting to produce photographs that are not only vibrant but engaging and beautiful too.

I work with couples who really value the outcome of their precious wedding day photos and who make the creation of their legacy a top priority on their wedding day. I have a cheese free diet when it comes to my work, so you will never see any of those cheesy wedding photographs or fake scenes. I dare to dream the impossible in many situations and as a result I have a reputation for creating incredible signature photos that hang as treasured works of art in my couples’ homes, while also gracing the pages of wedding albums all over the world.

If you are the type of couple who want to feel supported, important and truly heard when it comes to bringing your wedding vision to life, while also getting a guaranteed breathtaking outcome, then you’ve come to the right place.

I really look forward to meeting you and having a chat about your wedding ideas and upcoming special day!

A Selection of Ben's Favourite & Most Awarded Images

A very small collection of some of Ben’s favourite and most highly awarded wedding images that reveal exact moments suspended in time. Each image completely mirrors the distinctiveness of every love story. Through his lens, Ben captures those stolen glances, laughter-filled moments, intimate embraces, and each couples unique love story.

His portfolio is a testament to his artistry, seamlessly intertwining his signature style with the individuality of each and every wedding. From absolutely candid captures to intricate details, his images immortalise the kaleidoscope of emotions that render each wedding day exceptional. Every click of the camera reverberates with the intricacies of love, illuminating how each wedding, like each couple, etches a fresh and captivating narrative.

Below is a brief video that is totally unrelated to weddings or wedding photography and is not meant as a sales pitch. No pressure, it’s just meant for you to gauge whether my personality and values align with yours. If you feel that I’m not the person for you, that’s ok, I totally understand and I genuinely wish you an incredible wedding day – but if my video touches you, then let’s have a relaxed chat about your wedding day vision and if you would like me to be a part of it. I’m excited to discuss and help bring your vision to life!