Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer Ben Connolly

Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer Ben Connolly

Sunshine Coast wedding


Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer Ben Connolly

Sunshine Coast wedding photographer Ben Connolly


You're in safe hands on your wedding day

My name’s Ben Connolly, I’m a Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer and I’m a believer in simplicity, uniqueness and fun.

Ben Connolly Creative is a boutique photography studio based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia.
We shoot 40 weddings per year and work with couples who really value an incredible wedding photography experience and simply beautiful photos.

Weddings aren't just a job, they're a passion, an opportunity to give you an incredible legacy to hand down to your children and in the process
I get to share my vision and creativity with you.
 I am personally very proud to have created a culture with in the business of empathy,
world class quality and my full attention to all my couples.

So what does that mean for you on your wedding day?

It means you don’t have to worry about an uncertain outcome from your wedding day.
Together we’ll create a plan with a schedule, locations and timing to make everything crystal clear and simple for you and ensure your wedding
runs better than you ever thought possible.

As a result of this we have received over 50 national and international awards for our work in the last 5 years while also being named among the
top 20 wedding photographers in Europe and a finalist in the Asia Wedding Photographer of the year for 2019, while also
speaking at educational events such as Wedding & Portrait Photographers International WPPI in Las Vegas in 2019 and 2020.

Together we’ll create unique photos and memories of your day that are simply divine.
You’ll have fun, you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed all day, you’ll see stunning photographs as they happen and you’ll feel 100% in safe hands.

I even guarantee it!


Phone - 0417699905  ben@benconnolly.com.au



At this stage its business as usual and all weddings I'm photographing are going ahead unless
otherwise changed by emergency government action. I urge you to look after yourself and perform all necessary personal hygiene
and protection measures as stated by the World Health Organisation and please keep calm and safe through this challenging time.

If you have questions, concerns or advice on matters relating to your wedding please reach out. Panic cancellations are not a great option
and present lots of challenges, many wedding suppliers will happily reschedule weddings dates if its necessary, some just need a little bit
of lead time to make it the best outcome for you so please reach out.

We're here to help!

 Where do you find the right words for someone who just made your wedding day even that much more special then you could have imagined. Ben you are incredible!!

I must have met with a dozen photographers, and whilst there work was nice, they most definitely didn’t have the personality and creativity of Ben. Immediately after being welcomed into Ben’s gorgeous little studio I felt so comfortable, so confident and unbelievably pleased to have found him. My now husband and I just looked at one another and knew the decision was made, Ben was so easy to work with, the communication leading up to the wedding was better than all of our suppliers put together...and that’s saying a lot!

He put my mind at ease regarding my requests, and took on my ideas. Without Ben it just wouldn’t have been the same.
While Ben meant business and was 100% committed to getting the perfect shot, the banter, jokes and just down to earth personality had everyone laughing. The whole wedding party sang his praise, and we are still in ore of what he made happen. Every photo captures every second of the day and night, each tear, each laugh and every dance captured beautifully.
When I look back through our photos I can relive the day with no gaps and its wonderful.
Your work is beyond stunning and every photo is perfect and I would recommend you 1 million times over.
From my heart, thank you Ben.  

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Phone - 0417699905

 Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer Ben Connolly