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Kori & Courtney | Montville Country Cabins | Same Sex Wedding

Montville Wedding – What a way to kick off 2018!

The Sunshine Coast Bridal Showcase on Sunday and the first amazing highlight of the year, the wedding of Kori & Courtney on the Saturday and my very first Same Sex wedding couple.

I’m so happy that finally the government listened to the will of the masses and turned this ceremony into a rocking wedding! 

Montville Wedding

Montville Country Cabins was the host venue for this awesome day with the lovely Lynette Maguire Marriage Celebrant making this wedding as official as it gets in a very unique ceremony that only lovely Lynette knows how to deliver.

We had such a blast with Kori, Courtney and the entire bridal party, using every available location, trying to keep up with the stream of banter coming from every direction, killing ourselves laughing at the very inappropriate and constant stream of profanity from the entire bridal party, who am I kidding, we love it!
I’m very happy and pleased to say this was my first wedding where I’ve had the pleasure of photography two beautiful brides and I really can’t wait to do it all over again with another couple. From this wedding I’ve learned one thing, “2 brides = double the awesomeness”!

Congratulations girls I hope you love these photos and have a great time in Thailand!

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