Jodi & JP Wedding Album Reveal

Wedding Album


I really want to share this Wedding Album reveal with you, this is something I’ve never done before and I feel its one of those very special moments after the wedding that sadly many couples never to get to experience because they don’t invest in a wedding album.

This short video shows my Bride Jodi seeing and experiencing her amazing new wedding album for the very first time and you get to experience her rollercoaster of emotions with her as she relives her wedding through this beautiful book. The first minute or so are quite emotional for her upon opening up the box and the first spread of the album.

Please stay tuned after we have walked through the album with her as I will then give some details about this beautiful album and a few thoughts on the importance of printing and why its so important for brides and grooms to invest in a beautiful, quality wedding album so that they can then look back on, share and ultimately hand down their story for generations to come. Its totally ok to invest your budget into the things you want on your wedding day just make sure you allocate an adequate amount to the one thing that will allow to remember all those things you loved on the day…Your Photography!

Your photos and your rings are the only things that are tangible that you can hold and keep after your wedding day so I urge you to put these things on the top of your “important” list.

This beautiful album is courtesy of Graphi Studio in Italy. For more stunning albums click here.




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