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02 Dec 2017
Alex Beach Wedding, Australian wedding photographer

Honi & Jon  |  Alex Beach Wedding

Honi & Jon  |  Alex Beach Wedding What an amazing year its been. As 2017 comes to an end I’m happy to share my last Alex Beach wedding of the year. Honi & Jon share an amazing whirlwind love story, meeting each other at the beginning of the year and ending it happily married. The funniest part of this Alex Beach Wedding was that at the point when Honi booked me to shoot the wedding Jon had not yet formally […]

12 May 2017
Mooloolaba Spit, Mooloolaba wedding photographer, mooloolaba wedding

Sami & Chris | Mooloolaba Spit Wedding

Sami & Chris | Mooloolaba Spit Wedding   I have to say Sami & Chris Mooloolaba Spit wedding was such a fun day, from the moment we arrived at the boys apartment there was laughs, roastings and even Geks mum had a good old roast at my expense. Our day continued to be great fun upon arriving at Sami’s apartment when she very bravely agreed to jump over the rail on the 11th floor of a prominent Mooloolaba resort (whom […]

18 Oct 2014

Mooloolaba Beach Wedding | Danielle & David

Mooloolaba Beach Wedding Photographer Ben Connolly Mooloolaba Beach Wedding | Danielle & David You may have seen my short and cute Engagement Video from Danielle & David below well now its welcome to their Mooloolaba Beach Wedding. For all of you who know me you know I don’t shoot any cheesy stuff and haven’t for years but when the bridesmaids from your wedding challenge the bridal party from another wedding to a “wedding off” then ill shoot that stuff all day long. I […]