Christina & Wes's Wedding Photography

Christina & Wes | Secrets on the Lake Wedding

Its with much happiness that I share with you some of my favourites from Christina & Wes Secrets on the Lake Wedding on the weekend.

Having just returned from WPPI in Las Vegas, I was really looking forward to shooting at Secrets and really looking forward to seeing my good friend marry the love of his life.
Christina & Wes have been together for as long as I can remember and I felt really honoured to be there and share with them such an amazing experience, we have all come such a long way from our early days hanging out and playing with expensive cars.

When I share a wedding day with a couple I’m always looking for that different & unique perspective to create as many show stopping photographs as I can. 
But with every wedding I’m learning more and more thats its pretty easy to turn those ordinary, standard photos into extraordinary ones with just a little bit of thinking different. Looking for that different location, a different angle or perhaps a different perspective. I never want two weddings from the same venue to look the same, I want my couples to feel unique and for that to happen effectively, I need to thing different!

Congratulations Christina & Wes and thank you for choosing me to share you day with you and give you these beautiful memories.

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