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Light Painting & Night Photography

With so many weddings happening every year it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a unique perspective or something new and creative for your wedding or portrait photos and thats where Light Painting & Night Photography come in.
Over the last year I have embarked on a creative journey in light painting and delving deeper into the night photography genre to really be able to deliver photography that is not only very unique, creative and fun but also world class. I have experimented with torch and illuminated tube sets, fiberoptic whips, the Pixel Stick and all manner of LED devices with the intention of delivering light painting & night photography with that wow factor, where every image is a unique one off photograph that I liken to your own personal fingerprint.
I am very excited to share that I am collaborating with an amazing Australian based company to create a line of personalised light painting & night photography products that will allow every photographer to be able to create their own unique photos for their clients. Our coloured LED tubes are available for purchase now, while our specialised pro light painting packs will be available in early 2018 and will comprise of all the items needed to create theses breathtaking images.
In addition to these amazing new products, as Ted’s Ambassador I will be conducting training workshops and speaking presentations personally and through 
Ted’s Camera Stores Australia teaching the subtleties of this very exciting genre.
For more information or to purchase our amazing new products or workshops please CLICK HERE or head to my EDUCATION page.
 Light Painting & Night Photography