Portraits 2020



I don’t photograph lots of portraits throughout the year, but when I do they’re simply incredible with spectacular locations on the Sunshine Coast and other international locations.

Can you see yourself in one of these spectacular works of art? 

The process is pretty simple, all I need is you and one of your amazing dresses or gowns from your wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be a massive dress or over the top
as much of the magic I these photos is created in photoshop after the shoot.
I will talk to you about a location and find out any ares that are meaningful to you or have significance in your life, if your open to anything then I have a list of
incredible locations that will give you the most stunning and creative photograph you’ll ever hang on your wall.

We don’t need lots of preparation with hair and make-up before hand given the nature of this style of photograph, all you need to do is have fun and maybe a
glass of champaign or two while we create you a very special and unique version of you!


Phone – 0417699905  ben@benconnolly.com.au



Dee said – 

Im sharing one of the best days Ive had with 3 amazing people.

We attended a painting with light class with the fabulous Ben Connolly it was an awesome class and fun to learn something completely different to what we do daily,
the next day myself and Emma we’re heading to the Valley of Fire in Nevada

What an amazing place Valley of Fire is, its a must see if you have never been, you’ll be picking your jaw up off the floor the moment you drive through it.

I never ever get in front of a camera for a shoot, we did plan on taking some photos and we had gowns packed with us, thanks to Natalie Grounds Belly Baby Wear Australia
but what we didn’t plan was for Ben to take photos for us.

Can’t thank you enough Ben what a way to remember Vegas.





Emma said – 

I have been trying to find the words to explain our “work” trip to Vegas and until received this photo I had nothing.
The whole reason Dee and I went over there was to attend WPPI and extend our knowledge and skill base in photography and to be honest I needed a boost of self confidence
and thought WPPI might help that.

One of our Classes was Light Painting with the crazy awesome Ben Connolly Professional Photographer. When we walked into the classroom for Ben’s class I have to admit
he had me already! The best tunes playing while everyone got their seats.
By the end of his workshop I was so excited to come back home and play with the knowledge I had gained and felt so inspired…

Dee and I were heading out to the Valley of Fire the next day just to take some awesome landscape photos and a few selfies.
We had a couple of spare seats left and thought we would see if Ben and his stunning girl wanted to come just to see it as its AMAZING!! 
Id packed a couple of gowns in my luggage “in case” we needed them. We were not expecting to have our photographs taken but holy shit Ben!
I can not express how this photo has made me feel. I may seem confident and a little cocky at times (okay more times than not) but the truth is I hate how I look and usually
force myself to have photos so that the kids have some with me in it when I’m gone but never would go out of my way to have my own taken just because.
This photo showed a part of me I hadn’t seen in a very long time.

Well, I can honestly say that heading out to Valley of Fire with these legends was the highlight of our trip and I cant thank them enough for creating this photo and the memories of Vegas with us.







Phone – 0417699905  ben@benconnolly.com.au