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Maleny Wedding Photographer Ben Connolly

Maleny Wedding  |  Jacinta + John Tranquil Park

Every now and then a wonderful Maleny Wedding couple come along that not only trust my artistic expression, but are more than happy to allow me to freestyle and explore. Don’t get me wrong, I know the Maleny area like its my backyard… because it is, but having a couple who are so very happy to just go with the flow and follow the light is such a treat.

I firmly believe that those amazing wedding shots rarely do come from preconceived ideas, locations and direction.
“Wouldn’t it be great if…” is something I continually find myself saying to both the couple and myself, and I find that question challenges me and pushes me to do, find or create something unique or different.
How great would it be if every wedding could have a relaxed go with the flow energy? Just think of the stunning possibilities that could present themselves if you simply limited your preconceived ideas or expectations. Jacinta & John trusted me enough to just let me go and as a result they have not only these images but another 500, most of which are unique for not only me but also them and the location they chose.
Finding or creating that unique split-second of beauty is why I love this job and that passion is what will continually drive me to create.

Thank you Jacinta & John for happily participating in every stop on the side of the road and every idea I offered you, you’ll have some stunning memories to enjoy.

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