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AUD $797 inc GST

Have you ever wondered why Mc Donalds is the most successful “small business” on the planet?
They don’t sell the best burgers, their service sometimes lacks a little lustre and we know its bad for us but we still go there.
We as humans have made them the most successful franchise of all time despite the challenges we experience with the brand.

So why are they so successful?

Its simply because they have systems, accurate, detailed systems that someone, even with the least amount of business and life experience can follow simply, easily and incredibly effectively.

As photographers we are control freaks and most of us think that we have to do it all, no one can do our job better than us.
If thats where you’re at in your business and you have no spare time, not as much money coming in as you want, no family time, your running around like a maniac, spending hours in front of the computer
and that wonderful photography bug that was feeding your soul is now polluting your everyday and giving you brain damage, then I can help you change all that.

15 years experience in the industry and almost 1000 weddings means that I’ve made thousands of mistakes both in photography and in running a successful business.
I’ve been the maniac I mentioned above, I’ve been that photographer struggling with creative issues, I’ve even looked down the very scary barrel of going broke because I couldn’t get my shit together.
For you, this means I can show you all the ways and give you the knowledge to create the systems in your business to avoid all the mistakes I’ve made and many I haven’t.


Business Coaching Day Overview


  • Our day begins at 8am with some time to get to know each other. Then we’ll start with some image critiques to assist you in working out some potential weaknesses in your
       images and I will provide helpful tips on the subtleties of lighting, posing, cropping, etc with on the spot solutions to any challenges.  
  • We’ll do deep dive on your marketing materials and work out better marketing systems & strategies to give you the outcome you’re looking for.  
  • We’ll discuss your pricing, what to offer, what to charge and the psychology behind why you would use this system. 
  • I will share with you in detail my 6 steps to a photograph people will want to buy and the 4 steps to perfect camera technique to properly shoot those photographs
    for the best print outcome. 
  • I will show you will how to direct in order to bring out the best in your subjects to achieve a natural look and feel.  
  • We will discuss creating drama, depth and dimension using shadows and the importance of looking for shadows as well as light.  
  • I will explain how to maximise use of available and artificial light including video light as well as the proper use of on camera and off camera flash.


Once we have finished the creative photography elements of the day we will then move into the business side of photography.


  • I will then give you a detailed explanation of workflow and maximising your time to get the best, most profitable result by implementing workflow systems,
        processes and softwares that are simple, get the job done properly with a quality result and best of all give you your lifestyle and family time back. 
  • I will share with you the many elements to a beautiful and profitable album design and give you a bullet proof system to building the album, conducting an
        album plan session and maximising sales after the wedding or portrait session.  
  • We will then go into the final part of the day, successful operation of your business, the mindset of a successful business person in photography and system building.  
  • We will discuss finances and figures, how to manage your business, how to keep track of your numbers using optics and accounting tools and how to start giving you
       more time to live your life, enjoy your business and work on in it instead of being a slave in it!


To give you the best possible experience and attention my Hamburgerology Days are normally limited to one person only per day.
I will work with groups up to 4 people at once however the workshop will then be extended to 2 days to accommodate all members and ensure a quality outcome for all.
Hamburgerology Days are generally conducted from Tuesday – Thursday and some weekends (depending on my availability). 

Workshops run all year round and cost just $797. 




Where is the Hamburgerology Day held?
Your intensive 1 on 1 can be held anywhere on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland (Travel charges apply outside this area)

How much does a Hamburgerology Day cost?
To learn the skills and systems to get some lifestyle back in your life is just AUD $797 inc GST

Although the day is a 1 on 1 can we do it as a group?

Yes I can host the day with a group however to keep the day as personal as possible for each attendee the maximum number of people on any Hamburgerology Day is 4,
however the experience will be extended to 2 days to accommodate all members and ensure a quality outcome for all.

Do you offer a discount for a group?
Yes, groups of 4 or more attendees will get a discounted rate of AUD $697 inc GST

What days of the week do the Hamburgerology Days run on?
Hamburgerology Days are generally conducted from Tuesday – Thursday and some weekends (depending on my availability).



Phone 0417699905  


Email ben@benconnolly.com.au

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